I find new sources of inspiration every day. My design inspirations are fuelled by the places and cultures I experience as well as the natural textures, colours and materials that surround me.


From my hometown of Hong Kong to my adopted homes of Thailand and Switzerland, inspiration comes from the contrasting personalities that make each of these places special.


Hong Kong, with its mega glass skyscrapers contrasting with its tranquil villages and nature trails; Thailand, with its contagious energy and nightlife contrasting with its calm, gentle traditions; and Switzerland with its luxury products ranging from chocolate and cheese to the world’s finest timepieces, coexisting in harmony with spectacular nature. These places offer enlightenment simply by strolling through markets, admiring architecture old and new, running or skiing on open terrain, visiting temples and monuments or taking part in ceremonies or traditions. Appreciating these everyday experiences – not ever taking them for granted – brings an understanding of diverse cultures and beliefs, and in that I find inspiration.


The temples of Bangkok inspire a sense of calm and tranquillity that I strive to bring to my home décor products. My candles scents and designs are carefully crafted with this in mind because I believe the home should also be a place of calm.


Markets offer a glimpse into the tastes and talents of people and their culture. Their needs, their likes and their skills are on display for all to see. Inspiration is in abundance when you speak to local artisans and shopkeepers and view their wares.


Trail running in Switzerland and walks in the forest reveal nature’s powerful colours and amazing shapes, textures and materials. The magnitude of nature’s beauty is an ongoing source of inspiration for me and can be found in many of my designs including the animals – birds, frogs, deer, bears and more – that sit atop several of my candle designs.

From big city lights to open skies lighted by millions of stars, everywhere I travel offers a new opportunity to learn. To appreciate. To be inspired.


© Eddie Leung 2015. All rights reserved.

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